Grand Canyon Bus Tours

Grand Canyon bus tours are the most economical way to get to the National Park from Las Vegas. These all-inclusive trips come with everything and even offer the option to add helicopter & boat rides!

Best Grand Canyon Bus Tours

If you are looking for a Grand Canyon tour that's a total steal, take a bus trip. These tours depart Las Vegas every day of the year and check out not only the Grand Canyon but also every major landmark and point of interest between Sin City and the National Park!

Bus tours go to the West Rim or the South Rim (there are no trips that combine both because of time-constraints). West Rim travelers will turn off at Dolan Springs and break for Grand Canyon West & the Skywalk, a bridge made of glass that lets visitors walk 70 feet into the abyss!

South Rim buses continue on to Kingman, AZ, before turning east to Williams - the terminus for the Grand Canyon Railway. Then its north for 60 miles to the gates of Grand Canyon National Park. When all's said and done, the drive comes in at 5.5 hours.

Las Vegas is loaded with bus tour companies offering a ton of trip options. I've been on nearly all of them. Here are the best broken out by rim.

West Rim Bus Tours

These West Rim tour prices CHECKED & VERIFIED on

grand canyon west bus tours

See West Rim, Guano & Eagle Points, Hulapai Ranch and more. Includes hotel pick up/drop off, savory BBQ lunch, all taxes & fees.

Buy > $119 per person.

grand canyon skywalk bus tours
Bus, Hoover Dam & Skywalk
Do the Skywalk, which lets you walk 70 feet past the edge while standing 4,000 feet over the bottom! Comes w/ lunch & all taxes/fees!

Buy > $134 per person.
grand canyon bus helicopter boat
Bus, Helicopter & Boat
Helicopter to the bottom. Boat down the Colorado River. Up to 30 minutes at the base. 2+ hours to explore the top. *Skywalk not included.

Buy > $279 per person.
grand canyon bus helicopter boat skywalk tour
Bus, Hoover Dam, Helicopter, Boat & Skywalk
Ultimate bus tour! Helicopter to bottom, boat down Colorado, and lots of time on top. PLUS unrestricted, VIP access to the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Priced to sell!

Buy > $279 per person.
west rim personalized bus tours
Personalized van tours seat ONLY 13 people (versus 40+ for buses). Hoover Dam, Skywalk, West Rim & a whole lot more!

Buy > $209 per person.

South Rim Bus Tours

These South Rim tour prices CHECKED & VERIFIED on

grand canyon south rim bus tour
Vegas' most popular $85 bus tour is BACK! Includes free hotel shuttle service, hot buffet-style lunch (NEW!), guide service & 3 hrs. inside the Park.

Buy > $85 per person.
grand canyon south rim bus tour helicopter
Bus, Hoover Dam & Helicopter
Hoover Dam photo stop with rim-to-rim helicopter ride make this tour the "game changer!" Hotel shuttle, lunch included. Up to 3 hrs in the Park.

Buy > $233 per person.
grand canyon van tours
Go in style, comfort and luxury! Each semi-private van is open to ONLY 12 passengers. Small groups call the shots, stopping at more places and seeing more things. Hoover Dam, too!

Buy > $199 per person.

Unsure which rim to visit? Go to the West Rim for thrills and adventure. Head to the South Rim for natural beauty. Specifically, the West Rim is the only place where you can take a helicopter to the bottom and ride a boat on the Colorado River. South Rim options are limited to a spectacular rim-to-rim helicopter ride. But that's missing the point: This is the rim that all of us have seen in magazines and coffee-table books. And it's this rim where you go for scenery.

I'm not sure why travelers believe they can save money by booking at the last minute but it's false. My advice is the complete opposite: book your bus tour now and book it early. These trips are incredibly popular and sell out all the time. No joke. Sure, I've seen solo travelers get a seat near the rear window. However, if you're a group of two or more who want choice seats, RSVP at least 72 hours in advance.

P.S. Undecided who to travel with? See this bus review site where listings are based on safety, quality and price.